Gary is a great friend from college. We played many rounds together back then. He sent me a package of his new Victory Golf Tees. I had not seen anything like them before. I told him they were so beautiful, I was afraid to break them. He laughed and said, "That's what everyone says, but it's nothing that a little therapy won't take care of." He told me to take 4 tees with me on my next round to see how they played. I found I really liked having them in my game. They are so nice to look at and feel good in your hand - solid. They felt good in my pocket. I used them for all of my drives and had 2 left at the end of the day. I am going to see if he will give me a special deal so I can play them every round. Come on, what are old friends for?

Jim Starret, New York City, NY

This is the best new golf product I have seen in years. At first I thought they were too nice to play, but I couldn't resist. After 4 rounds, when the 9 tees in the box ran out, I found I had gotten used to them. I bought a 9-pack and now I use them for all of my drives. Why? Because I really like them. It's important to me to like everything in my bag.

Margret Rayan, Monterey, CA

I love my golf equipment. Each golf season I spend countless hours seeing if there is anything new I can't live without. I'm like a kid in a toy store. This year I wanted the new Callaway driver. Have you seen it? It's beautiful. I told my wife I wanted it for my birthday. I got 2 packs of Victory Golf Tees instead (we are putting our two daughters through college). I would like to tell you that the tees were better than the driver, but this is a testimonial. My wife told me that she bought them because she still felt like she was getting me something really nice. She was right. I played those tees with my old driver and I've never played so well. I think I know what I want for Christmas now. The $400 driver.

Terrance Williams, Seattle, WA

I like the fact that Victory Golf Tees do not claim to add extra yards off the tee. I emailed Gary asking about this and he said, "Victory Golf Tees do not add 1 extra inch to your drives, however they do add an extra 4 days to your life."

Ralph Gomez, Green Bay, WI

I recently had my 50th birthday party. When friends asked me what I wanted, I said I wanted dozens of Pinnacle Lady Ribbon Golf Balls. My favorite. I have plenty of everything else but, you see, I keep losing the balls in the woods. My good friend Joan gave me a nine pack of Victory Golf Tees. She said if she got me golf balls I would just lose them in the water, so she wanted to give me a golf gift that would stay dry. There were over 100 friends and family at my party. I received many very nice gifts, but these are the beautiful tees that I remember.

Elizabeth Townsend, Atlanta, GA